Investing in our community and sustainable mining

Our Yukon roots run deep. We’re dedicated to building up our community and the Yukon mining industry through education, research, and strategic partnerships.

Selkirk First Nation Engagement

Since 2014, Minto has collaborated with the Yukon Government and the Selkirk First Nation on the Minto Mine Socio-economic Monitoring Program. This program was the first of its kind in the Yukon and monitors the socio-economic effects of the Minto mine’s construction, operations, and closure. We believe that regularly assessing Minto’s impact (with direct engagement from the Yukon Government and the Selkirk First Nation) enables us to adapt and evolve our operations to better serve those around us.

Environmental Commitment

Our aim is to implement an environmentally sound and technically feasible reclamation and closure plan for the Minto Mine. The plan’s principle tenet is a passive closure objective, which would require minimal management and achieve long‐term environmental stability.

As part of this, we are currently piloting a constructed wetland which will be instrumental in minimizing long-term environmental impacts at closure.

Community Involvement

Minto is proud to partner with the nearby community, Pelly Crossing, and the Selkirk First Nation to promote education and employment. We often invite young people from Pelly Crossing to come and learn about mining and Minto participates in Yukon University’s Workforce Readiness Program in Pelly Crossing and Environmental Monitoring Certificate Program. These programs provide members of the Selkirk First Nation community with the opportunity to obtain skills and enter or re-enter the workforce. Outside of career development, we’ve even established a fun holiday tradition where the Minto leadership team goes door to door to deliver a Christmas turkey to each of the families of the Selkirk First Nation.

Several Minto employees are residents in Whitehorse and surrounding communities and our senior leaders are actively involved in the community through volunteer organizations and activities.


Yukon University

In addition to our involvement in the university’s Workforce Readiness Program and the Environmental Monitoring Certificate Program, Minto has joined the Yukon University Northern Mine Remediation Program, a Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Industrial Research Chair program dedicated to solving northern mining challenges as identified by the local industrial partners. The Consortium helps to direct research efforts on passive water treatment technologies, mine waste management, mine revegetation, and community engagement. Minto is the first consortium member operating an active mine in the Yukon.

Yukon Mining Alliance

Minto is a member of the Yukon Mining Alliance (YMA), a strategic partnership between industry-leading Yukon mining companies. The purpose of the alliance is to promote and generate investment interest for its member companies and their exploration, development, and mining initiatives in the Yukon. This is accomplished through Yukon-government-supported international conferences, roadshows, events, and campaigns.

Yukon Producer’s Group

Minto is a member of the Yukon Producers’ Group (YPG), an industry-led organization representing the territory’s three operating hard rock mines, an advanced mineral exploration company, and five key contracting companies and suppliers, all of which allow our industry to function. Together, we work to advance the common interests of the Yukon mining industry to help ensure operational sustainability and ongoing opportunities and benefits for Yukon governments, businesses, residents, and communities.


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